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Youth Leadership Team

Covenant Youth Leadership Team


Phillip Nolan (Youth Director)

Program: Youth Group, Sunday School, Staff Member, Youth Steering Committee

Why do you enjoy working with Youth?: I find that God has called me to mentor relationships with teens and to help guide them on their journey in faith. I love all the crazy silly and awesome things that they do and how much you see the spirit shine through them. Also theres a ton of pizza, soda, and wild and crazy games!

School: Eastern Nazarene College (B.A.) and Nazarene Theological Seminary (M.Div.)

Career: Youth Director

Favorite Treat: Coffee Milk! (It's Rhode Island thing!)

Favorite Book: At the moment? The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri J.M. Nouwen

Hobbies: Science fiction, comic books, all things nerdy really, video games, board games


Denise Bentley

Program:  MS Sunday School Teacher, details on the way….



Steve Curlee

Program: Youth Group, the occasional retreat or mission trip 

Why do you enjoy working with youth?: For all of my adult life it has been my blessing to be involved with young folks. I enjoy people...the younger version fills that need, keeping me young in the process. I’ve coached one youth sport or another (basketball, rugby, springboard diving) for longer than I can remember, and I am involved with candidate liaison work for the US Naval Academy; it all plays together quite well.

School: US Naval Academy, BS Mech Engineering, 1975

Career: Retired from AT&T in 1997, currently a full-time “housewife”

Favorite Treat: Serve me up some buffalo wings. The hotter the better!

Favorite Book: I read a lot, almost exclusively non-fiction. This is my penance for sleeping through history classes in high school and college. My books are chosen carefully, so most of the time my favorite is the one that I am reading...usually related to a military or political topic...but not always.

Hobbies: Wow, where do I start? Making sawdust, country music, dogs, fitness, supporting the military, traveling, sports...life just isn’t long enough!



Larry Edgar-Smith

Larry Edgar-Smith (“Mr. Larry”)

Program: Youth Group, Sunday School, the occasional retreat or mission trip & Youth Steering Committee Member

Why do you enjoy working with youth?: I am blessed to be around the kids and be a small part of their lives. The world around them is so complex and  so challenging (and getting more so) that I believe that they need to know that there are adults (other than mom and dad) who care about them and want to see them grow personally and spiritually. As others have, and continue to, help me, I feel called to help the kids. Matthew 25:45

School: Widener University, University of Pennsylvania

Career: Technology Product Manager, Project Manager

Favorite Treat: Sue wants me to say ”raisins”; I want to say “doritos.” You decide.

Favorite Book: The Deus Machine by Pierre Ouellette

Hobbies: technology stuff, selfies at the Gym



Maine with Kinz

Sue Edgar-Smith

Program: Youth Group

Why do you enjoy working with youth?: They are fun, creative and energetic age group

School: Connecticut College; Bryn Mawr College

Career: Professor; Psychologist

Favorite Treat: Twizzlers

Favorite Book: The Shipping News

Hobbies: hiking, skiing, traveling



Michelle English

Michelle English

Program: Youth Group & Youth Steering Committee Member

Why do you enjoy working with youth?: I chose youth because they are a lot of fun and I can act silly without being questioned.

School: Associates in Business Management, Delaware County Community College

Career: Account Manager, Mopar Tire Works

Favorite Treat: Strawberry shortcake

Favorite Book: For entertainment – The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson; for inspiration – Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Hobbies: baking and working out



Dick Eppleman Website

Dick Eppleman

Program: Session Elder and Youth Liaison

Why do you enjoy working with youth?: Because they can feed and clean themselves and they are smarter than me.

School: Gettysburg and Virginia Tech

Career: varied – professional athlete, sales, marketing, business development, market research and intelligence exec

Favorite Treat: Chicken wings and crab-laden cheese fries

Favorite Book: Freakonomics

Hobbies: kicking, throwing, smoking, wealth building and showing others how to do it 



Dottie Graham

Program:  MS Sunday School Teacher

Why do you enjoy working with youth?: I enjoy working with youth because they make me laugh. They have such a fresh, energetic out-look on everything – it breathes life into my crazy, duty-filled adult world. They remind me that we all have to grow old, but we don’t have to grow up!

School: BS in Elementary Education from West Chester University, MA in Elem Education from Widener University

Career: 27 years as a 4th grader! (teacher :))

Favorite treat: Guacamole!

Favorite book: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Hobbies: photographing the beautiful places and people God put on the earth, gardening, sailing, hiking, and skiing.

Rebekah Harris
Program: Youth Group & Youth Steering Committee Member

Why do you enjoy working with youth?: I have 2 teenagers and I like the energy of the youth group and the kids.  Also, I love to see them developing a deeper walk with Christ.

School: Messiah College

Career: High school english teacher, but currently working as a substitute teacher

Favorite Treat: dark chocolate-covered almonds and Fro-Yo

Favorite Book: The Glass Castle and The Hiding Place

Hobbies: running, reading, baking, spending time with my family




Char Moyer

Program: Fundraising

Why do you enjoy working with youth?: I believe that the young people in our lives and in our church family need positive role models. I also love the enthusiasm and energy of the youth.

School: Great Valley High School, Johnson and Wales University

Career: Chef

Favorite Treat: Reese’s peanut butter cups

Favorite Book: French Laundry

Hobbies: boating, fishing, gardening




Mary Moyer

Program: Youth Mission Fundraising

Why Youth?: They are worth every ounce of energy we pour into them and more!

School: University of South Carolina

Career: Mother

Favorite Treat: Red hots

Favorite Book: Oh so many. Les Miserables and yes I have read the whole book.

Hobbies: reading, sudoku, flowers, helping people, movies




Minaki, Terry & Mary's house

Drew Reindel

Program: Youth Leader & Youth Steering  Committee Member

Why do you enjoy working with youth?: I have found that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ has made all the difference in my life and I would like to share that with the youth at Covenant.  Besides… hanging out with middle school kids makes me feel young!

School: BS in Electrical Engineering, Union College Schenectady, NY

Career: 26 years at PECO Energy.  Manager of Protection & Control group in the Transmission & Substations Department

Favorite Treat: Starbucks coffee

Favorite Book: Don’t Stop the Carnival

Hobbies: sailing, home projects, traveling, coaching wrestling



Allison Long

Details coming soon!


George Pellegrino

Details coming soon!


Sean Zelig

Details coming soon!