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About Us - Covenant Youth Ministry

Meet the Covenant Youth Directors


Jamie and Kinsey are the youth directors at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Jamie graduated from Eastern University in 2011 with a BA in Anthropology and Missions and went on to pursue and receive his MBA. Kinsey graduated from Eastern in 2016 with a degree in youth ministry. She is currently pursuing her graduate degree in School Psychology.

Jamie is a world-traveler, having grown up in Japan and traveled to most Asian countries. He grew up climbing volcanoes, playing basketball, volleyball, baseball, and soccer in his school. In addition, he  reminisces on beautiful, quiet summers spent in mountains of Japan. He loves to integrate technology, to praise God with music, and to use alternative worship methods within youth group.

Kinsey grew up in Montgomery County playing a variety of instruments and experimenting with creativity from a young age. Not to brag, but she placed silver for a colored pencil drawing in 10th grade in a competition among the tri-state area Christian Schools. She's a fan of the more odd sports - including Kayaking, golfing, and rock climbing. She loves to work with students on problem-solving, integrating different art mediums, and communing with students through meals and retreats.


About Covenant Youth Ministry


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Youth Ministry Program at Covenant Presbyterian Church is to provide a spiritual home where our youth can grow in faith, love, and salvation through Jesus Christ. Guided by Christian principles, the youth will be led to build a solid moral foundation, develop positive and compassionate relationships, participate in service and mission projects, and be an irreplaceable part of something special.


Core Values:

Social: The Youth Ministry Program at Covenant encourages the development of positive social relationships through compassionate interaction with existing friends, new friends, and a nurturing peer group.

Moral: The Youth Ministry Program at Covenant provides a solid moral foundation to openly discuss topics such as appearance, behavior, values, and sexuality. We emphasize acceptance and grace in order to demonstrate that the church is a place of hope for everyone.

Educational: The Youth Ministry Program at Covenant is a dynamic, purposeful learning environment where educational programs, founded on Christian principles, include a focus on spiritual formation. Educational venues include small group studies, summer camps, conferences, parent workshops, Sunday School, mission work, social media, leadership programs, mentoring relationships, and confirmation.

Everyday Life: The Youth Ministry Program at Covenant acknowledges individual gifts and talents, empowers the youth to recognize the value of good choices and a healthy lifestyle, and promotes mentoring, leadership, and positive relationships.

Mission: The Youth Ministry Program at Covenant emphasizes the importance of, and encourages the participation in, service and mission to our community, nation, and world; these small contributions serve to create humble servants who minister through their everyday actions.

Haven: The Youth Ministry Program at Covenant provides a safe and supportive atmosphere. We create solid and healthy relationships through open discussions, occasional silliness, and connections to all individuals.

Spiritual: The Youth Ministry Program at Covenant guided by the Holy Spirit, fosters the development of a belief system incorporating faith, love and salvation through Jesus Christ.