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Sneakers For Soldiers


Covenant Presbyterian Church was a founding supporter of Sneakers for Soldiers

Sneakers for Soldiers was formed in April 2018.

The need for sending deployed soldiers in Afghanistan new athletic shoes was discovered by parents of an infantry soldier after he requested a new pair be sent to him. Asking him if other soldiers needed athletic shoes, his reply was an emphatic “Yes”. 

In Afghanistan, the extreme heat, harsh environment, and daily exercise wreak havoc on athletic shoes.  Studies have shown that time spent out of boots, in proper fitting athletic shoes, is critical to the health of the feet of our troops. Exercising in worn out shoes is just as bad as exercising in the wrong shoe. Sneakers for Soldiers has devised a way for each soldier to choose a sneaker that best fits their feet…because all feet are different.

In December 2018 Sneakers for Soldiers, Inc. became a 501c3 public charity.

Our heartfelt appreciation to all the individuals and organizations for your support and generous monetary donations. With your ongoing help, we will be able to continue outfitting our deployed soldiers in Afghanistan and other areas in the Middle East with new sneakers… and put smiles on their faces! Your generosity has meant so much to all the deployed men and women that have been the recipients of new athletic shoes.


 For further information and ways to donate, please visit https://sneakersforsoldiers.org