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Alternative Worship


Alternative Worship

    Alt Worship is a set of experiments in worship at Covenant. God is asking us to gather to show our love for God and neighbor in different ways, and these experimental services are one way that we are opening our eyes and ears to what God is doing in our community. 


    Learning to Worship Differently


    Three experimental services are planned: September 29th, October 24th, and December 5th. We're calling our second service on Sunday, October 24th "INSPIRE"

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    INSPIRE is a contemporary worship service that calls our hearts and minds to engage with God in deep and meaningful ways through scripture, prayer, song, and reflection. 

    What to expect:

    At 6:00, worship will begin with a welcome from the pastor and music. We will sing together, pray together, hear scripture together, and be invited to reflect on Scripture through a message that gives you the opportunity to think critically about the message and how you want to respond to God. This particular service will ask us to think about how we see through a lens of love, and how we are then called to act upon that sight when we relate to people around us.

    An activity will be available for children during worship which can be done at their seats. We expect joyful (and sometimes not so joyful!) noise and movement from children and invite them to remain with you throughout the entire service! Changing tables are also available.